Our 2016 BLOG Year in Review

Our 2016 BLOG Year in Review

ds-square-20th-for-linkedinAs we celebrated 20 years in business in 2016, our BLOG highlighted topical issues ranging from cyber security and trade secrets, to mid-market M&A and SEC rules on crowdfunding,  and more …


Registering Your Company Trademark: Benefits of Federal vs. State

It’s important for business owners to register and defend their trademarks to protect the goodwill they have curried with customers and enhance their intellectual property portfolio.

Don’t Wait to Implement a Cyber Security Plan

All businesses (as well as municipal and state agencies, among others) must have a risk-based cyber information security plan in place.

BlogRI Joins MA and CT in Curtailing Physician Non-Competition & Solicitation Agreements

Rhode Island recently adopted a law prohibiting physicians and their employers from agreeing to non-competition clauses (also called “restrictive covenants”) in their contracts.

Trade Secrets Protected Under Federal Law for First Time

Companies seeking to protect trade secrets are able to enforce violations not only in state court, but also in federal court under the federal Economic Espionage Act.

When Profit is Not the Only Point

Many states including Rhode Island, have adopted a hybrid form of entity called a “low profit limited liability company” or “L3C” to bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit investing.

Middle-Market M&A: The “Window” Is Open

Among the many personal and often emotional issues successful business owners face when contemplating a liquidity event is whether or not it’s the right time “in the market” to sell their business.

SEC Adopts Long-Awaited Rules for Crowdfunding

These new rules, which have been over three years in the making, are designed to assist smaller companies with capital formation and provide investors with additional protections.

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