ICYMI! Business Owner Webinar Series: Maximizing the Value of Your Business

Mike Sweeney and Sam Eckel recently joined Jamie Hilton of UBS/The Hilton Group and colleagues from Carter Morse & Goodrich  for the Business Owner Webinar Series. Thanks to The Hilton Group for organizing this powerful program.

Each of the webinars in the three-part series equipped attendees with the latest planning ideas and considerations for mitigating taxes, merger and acquisition best practices to be mindful of their short-term and long-term exit strategy, and how to get the best outcome when an offer is made to buy a business.

In case you missed it, the team at UBS/The Hilton Group has recorded the webinars.


Session 1: “Proposed Tax Laws and Changes from the Biden Administration” and how they might affect your decision on when to sell your business.



Session 2: “Pre-Sale Planning” and how to maximize the value of your business before you bring it to the market. https://ubsfileshare.ubs.com/shared/files/e2ac35d6-f564-43cf-a944-a0ac9789fd83


Session 3: “Negotiating the Sale” or how not to respond when a prospective buyer offers to buy your business. https://ubsfileshare.ubs.com/shared/files/e2ac35d6-f564-43cf-a944-a0ac9789fd83


Download the webinars via UBS file-share or reach out to Mike Sweeney or Sam Eckel to learn more.

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